Back to Back Yoga Classes

Wendy attends three of my Zoom yoga classes weekly. Currently the classes are spaced apart, with a rest day in between. Next year, I’m rearranging my class schedule—and she’ll end up taking two classes on consecutive days: Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning. “I might have to sleep in my yoga clothes:),” she wrote in email.…… Continue reading Back to Back Yoga Classes

Lifetime Investment: Yoga Props

Two decades ago, I was a new yoga student. My first yoga prop was, no surprise, a mat. Turquoise blue, it was one of those pebbly textured mats, made in Germany, favored by Iyengar yoga practitioners. Guess what, I still have it. It’s one of my second-string mats, and it’s seen spiffier days. But it’s…… Continue reading Lifetime Investment: Yoga Props