I discovered yoga in Berkeley in the late 1990s. Somewhat skeptical at first (“It’s not too touchy-feely, is it?” I asked the friend who persuaded me to try a class), I was immediately hooked.

A decade later in Vancouver, I focused more seriously on the Iyengar method and in 2013 got certified as an Iyengar yoga teacher. In 2015 I earned my Intermediate Junior 1 certificate and in 2017 my Intermediate Junior 2 certificate.

My training teacher is Louie Ettling in Vancouver. My first teachers in Berkeley, the late Donald Moyer, Mary Lou Weprin, and Sandy Blaine, continue to influence my practice. In August 2014, I traveled to Pune, India, to study for a month at the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute.

My classes are rigorous, but always geared to each individual. I try to encourage students to challenge themselves and to appreciate the precision and depth of Iyengar yoga. I teach the fundamentals of yoga asana with detailed instructions on anatomy and kinesiology, proper alignment, and safe movement into and out of poses. I give students much individualized attention, including hands-on adjustments and prop-based modifications.